Timesheet Calculator

The timesheet or time card calculator is designed to calculate the weekly work hours, lunch breaks, overtime hours, and weekly pay.

The tool supports almost all time formats (i.e. 8.30, 8:30 AM, 15:30, and more). Just enter the time and press tab button. The tool will automatically take the appropriate time format.

Day Start Time End Time
DeductionCommentA break deduction can be entered like this: 1:20, 1.15, 1h, 40m, etc.
Error: Please provide a valid time.
Total work hours: 00:00 Total work hours: 00:00
Payment Information:
Base Pay Rate: per hour
Overtime Pay:
Overtime Rate: × Regular Pay
Regular Hours:0
Overtime Hours:0
Regular Pay:$ 0
Overtime Pay:$ 0
Total Pay: $ 0
Regular Overtime Total
Hours: 0 0
Pay $ 0 $ 0 $ 0

How to Use the Timesheet Calculator?

  1. Firstly, enter the person's name and dates for what you want to create a timesheet.
  2. Input the start time, end time, and break hours for each day.
  3. The tool supports all time formats. Such as 8.40, 8:40, 17.50, and 17:50. Simply, input the time and press the 'Tab' button, the tool will convert the entered time into proper format.
  4. Now input the base pay per hour rate.
  5. If you want to calculate the overtime pay, you can simply select 'After 8 hours per day' or 'After 40 hours per week'.
  6. Input the overtime rate. Such as 1.5 or 2. Suppose, you have entered an overtime rate of 1.5, the tool will return the overtime pay with 1.5 times regular pay.
  7. Press the 'Calculate' button to get the regular and overtime work hours with regular, overtime, and total pay.
  8. Lastly, print or save the timesheet report. To save, select the 'Save as PDF' while printing. Also, use the 'Reset' for new time card calculation.